The Plywood Guitar Project

Aka The Ply Bringer
Aka The Tonebringer #2
Aka the guitar that gives bettar tone than yours!


Once upon a time, in a time where tone was contrived and mass manufactured by faceless corrupt corporate heathen sterile sham baskets who would sell their own mother for a ride on Les Paul's fun wagon, in a time where tone was bland and sounded like a bag of dead cats, in a time where indie bands ruled upon a throne of rotten tight jeans and shitty telecasters, with a sceptre of nonsense and a crown of ill conceived chord extensions...

...there was a tonal drought in the desert of despair and musical woe, upon which the court jesters pal with the fiddle would cry about. And that made the jester sad.

We couldn't have that.

The chipboard guitar project yielded tone which awoke the sleeping masses out of their perpetual dissilusionment of the exostential toil in the multiverse, at an affordable price!

But it lacked some features, such as a volume control and more than one (1) pickup.

Many years past, and the inventors of said tonebringer had become complaicent and weary of the once brilliant tone wielded by the original tonebringer. They decided that enough was enough.

A new tonebringer was needed! With MORE tone! And BETTER tone, STILL!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the privilage of the Pete Buchan custom shop (Tonebringer Division) to present...

The Tonebringer #2

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