The Plywood Guitar Project


Senõr Pietro T. Buchanini, the great, great Grandfather of Tone, travelled to Britain during the great quest for tone of 1864. During this quest he battled giant squid, Cthulhu, the French, some slightly smaller squid, Cupboard Snake and the English. He finally settled in the Aberdeen area where he obtained a Masters Degree in Tone Craft and went on to study for a Doctorate in Resonant Acoustic Physics at the University of Aber-tone-ia, now known as the University of Aberdeen. During his latter years in Italy, and after many decades of lute building, he became Master Luthier to the King of Italy. A shortage of tonewood in Italy and an unfortunate incident involving the wife of the Count of Sicily insipired him to venture forth on his quest for ultimate tone.

Leo Fender and Mr Gibson both studied luithering under Pietro's bastard descendent grandson from his fling with the Count's wife. Heartly Dean, James Jackson and Harold Takamine were all heavily inspired by his work and arguably stole his plans under the cover of night while he banged the Counts wife. But thats another story...

It is to him, this legendary master of his craft, and his sleazy beard and tash combo, that we dedicate the Tonebringer #2.

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