The Plywood Guitar Project


After the outstanding success of the Tonebringer #1, the world opened its eyes from years of darkness and embraced new tonewoods that were never before thought to contain such tonal goodness within. The logical next step for the pioneers of this methodology was to look to Plywood, which combines strength due to its odd number of off-axis laminates and inherant tonal properties. This was a clever engineering decision as its strength let us use thinner materials which resonate more whilst retaining structual rigidity, further enhancing the tonal experience.

The specimen above details a typical sample of plywood, but plywood of this grade was deemed unusable from the offset by tonecraftsmen for reasons only obvious to conniseurs and the most experienced minds in the industry. Closely guarded trade secrets are the compass' for tonecraftsmen when selecting these rare woods, and are the key to the ultimate tonal experience.