The Plywood Guitar Project


The first and arguably most important part of any tonebringer is of course, the tonewood. Not just any old tonewood, but a fine specimen, culminated from the rarest sources, expertly picked by the experienced experts at The Pete Buchan Custom Shop, and if anyone knows tone, they know tone! All to bring you an awe inspiring experience which will decimate all previous concepts of tone in an explosion of tonal goodness!!!

Chipboard? Thats yesterdays news! MDF, waay too common! The concept behind the Tonebringer #2 is to culminate the benefits of the new progressive cutting edge materials with the traditional warmth preserved even better than Walt Disney's head in this specialised hybrid custom material EXCLUSIVE to the Tonebringer #2 (and other Pete Buchan Custom Shop guitars on request).

Thats right! Its a guitar made of Sycamore and Plywood!

But impressive tonewoods demand equally impressive electronics to capture their tonal goodness. But more on that later...

The following is a photographic blog of the epic journey of creation which led to the bringing of the Tone into existance. For your convenience, you may skip to a particular section using the custom tonal menu below, or begin your journey here.

Senõr Tone, the inspiration for the Tonebringer series!
Tonal Candidates
Routing The Tone Template
Tonal Platform For Development
Critical Tonal Electronic Design
Tonal Topwood
Tonal Pickguard
More Electonement Refinement
Tone Foiling
LEDs and Tone
Tone Clamping
Sealing In The Tone
Tonal Results

Recordings of the Tonebringer #2!

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