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To be honest, my camera isn't all that great, its a compact, the lens isn't that big so sometimes I get dark shots and I'm rarely able to get a good picture of Scotty at the back, if I had waited longer, I could have got a better camera for the same price. But I would have missed a lot, and whats the point in having a great camera if you dont take pictures of anything good or share them with anyone? I've got 2 gigabytes of photos on my hard disc and most of them are of Pure Lead, I'd be able to take about 100 photos at a good gig because unlike most other bands round here, they've got a stage show, its worth taking photos of musicians that dont stand in the same place looking like fannys the entire gig. So, as a small commemorative, alongside the rest of my photos which reside at, here are 70 photos taken over the last 2 years which you've never seen before. Some unused from the gigs, some from photo shoots for the website, and some of just dickin about. They should be in chronological order from left to right. Enjoy.

This small batch of photos was taken with a 40 digital camera I wasted my money on, so they're pretty crap. They were taken after a Pure Lead jam at Smitty's house. This picture is of Smitty's infamous Reno19.

Random picture of Bill in his car. He wont thank me for putting this one up.

Scotty's bass drum with small Pure Lead logo affixed.

Scott in Smittys house jamming.

Futile photo shoot at New Aberdour beach.

Hmm, Scott really likes his holes doesn't he? See the Pure Lead random photos page for more of Scotts holes.
Small animation I made. I think I sent it to Joe for a laugh.

Newspaper scan of the front page of the Sun. This image hung proudly in Pauls flat for about a year.
The rest of these photos are taken with my camera. This is a random Smitty shot I never found a use for.
At Killekahn (thats definately not spelled correctly) while we were taking photos for pages of the website. I've had dozens of comments about the shot I got from this session.

Same day, also the same session I got the 'golden day in the woods with our guitars' photo from on the random pics page. A rather unfamiliar looking Bill holding a hedgehog.
The band before a gig at Drummonds
After the stoke of midnight from that last picture, a nice shot of Bill playing his battered strat.
Nice red lighting effect at a gig in Drakes.

Bills battered strat again, this time with vine effect hamma beads.
Before a gig in drummonds, the band played some pool.
When they still wore their denims, I got this rather good shot of Smitty with his new guitar.

Another of the same gig...

...which was with Dr Flaw, a very pissed Dr Flaw.
A headstock photo of the battered strat. Never got used.
My car loaded up with the bands equipment. Theres 2 4x12s in there too! They say that the best songs are written on the way to the gig in the back of the bands van. As memory serves, Matthew wrote the lyrics to 'Running Out Of Time' in the back seat of my car on the way to that gig.

Which was at the Malt Mill, so its surprising to see Matthew looking so happy to be there.

Same day, Scott shows us his leathers.

Random shot of Neil in the Maltie
On the 28th, the band 28 launched their EP with Pure Lead as support.
Band playing at Drummonds
Picture of the gear at the side of the stage at Brochstock

Picture I took of Neil at that same gig.

This is quite a rare shot of Joe90 playing bass, it wasn't taken by me and its quite dark so I've enhanced it.
Scott, Smitty and Bill at Rattery head beach.

Again at Rattrey.
Rehersals for the 'Tangles' show at the beach.

On the way home from checking out the setup at the beach, I saw this cartoon somebody drew on the shelters at the tennis courts.
Bill and Neil on the beach before the gig.

I got tonnes of photos at this gig.

Nice colour and shading on this photo.

I believe Matthew told me that the Beach was Pure Leads best gig for him. I think I agree, sound, crowd and stage were all absolutely fantastic.
Yep, this ones going up just to take the mick. Gig at the royal with Out Of Order.

Another pic of the gig.

This was when they were doing the 'guitar duel' as a party piece at their gigs.
Pure Leads EP launch at the Station. This is Bills case full of freshly burned EPs.

TBFU also played at the EP launch. Pic of Ewan playing 'Space Dog'.

Iain with the felt tip hair.

Matthew at a wierd angle.

Bill with hair in his face.

You didn't think I'd have an album of 70 photos without a decent one of Scott now did you?

Crowd for the EP launch.
Photo shoot at Crovie.

Again at Crovie, experimenting with aperture.

Later on that night we got together with Paul and Smitty and headed out to find a stone circle. This picture was taken as we entered the woods.

This was a particularly bad photo of Smitty. Thats why I put it up.

Another shot with guitar and sword.

And another along the same theme. We never used this pictures for anything, but they were cool at the time.
The next day we tried getting some shots in the daylight.

Random Mull of Kintyre-esque shot.Didn't really work out.

I like the way this one turned out. We were always going to use it for something or another.

Hitch hiking against a dark backdrop.
This photos not in chronological order, it would have been taken before the EP release. This is Bill as we were producing the first batch of EPs.
Producing the second batch of EPs.

Unlabled EPs.

Bills part in making the second batch of EPs.

Pure Lead poster, thrown in as a freebie with the EP covers.
Leaving Aberdeen to do the hogmanay gig.This is the Safeway petrol station.

Inside Smittys Reno19.

Upstairs in the Crown Bar  before the gig.
Still hogmanay, the crowd watch Pure Lead.

Neil plucking away.

Matthew in a very camp pose. shit! A Rickenbacker! No!

Neat lighting effects.
Gig in Kef, Smitty playing my guitar.

On way back to the Broch, random photo of Smitty getting diesel.
Random photo of Bill in the flat.

And another one.
In the GnD before 'Broch Band Aid'.

I'm frankly impressed with this photo.

Pic of band from side of the stage.
Finally, just for shits and giggles, something I never do, which is post a picture of myself. Quite a terrible one too. This is the mug behind the camera of all those photos above.Irk.